Why it’s Smart to Get Caravan Insurance

Whether you’re planning a caravanning lap of Australia or just buying a caravan to enjoy short weekends away, it’s essential to insure your new home away from home – and as there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to caravan policies in Australia, choosing the right insurance policy can help you save money and give you peace of mind!

Types of Caravan Insurance

Let’s start by clarifying what the main types of caravan insurances are.

Caravan insurance is typically classified into three main categories:

  • Touring caravan insurance: This one will usually only cover caravans that are towed behind another vehicle. It protects the contents of your caravan, as well as the physical structure of the caravan in the event of accidental damage, theft, fire or storm.
  • Camper trailer and folding camper insurance: This one is for camper trailers, horse floats and box trailers. Policies typically cover theft, fire, storm and vandalism.
  • Static caravan insurance: This applies to caravans and motorhomes that are solely used without movement. They’re parked and kept in a fixed location, like a caravan park. Insurance for these caravans covers accidental damage, vandalism and various other natural incidents such as storm and fire.

Why You Should Take Out Caravan Insurance

While insurance for your car is a legal requirement, because a touring caravan is towed insurance isn’t mandatory. Even if you are covered for towing, your car policy probably won’t cover you for theft of your caravan and other risks – for that you need specialised caravan insurance.

How to Determine the Right Insurance for You

The size and type of caravan you own often dictates the kind of policy you can get.  In fact, road safety rules and many insurers impose a size limit for caravans for safety reasons. And no insurer will undertake you if you exceed that limit.

You must know what a policy covers and what it does not cover in order to pick the best insurance for you.

Here are some important questions you should know the answer to before looking at policies:

  • How often will the caravan be used: 6 months per year, 3 months per year, or only occasionally? Or will it be used for extended travel, such as for a year, two years, or even full-time?
  • Where will the caravan be stored/garaged?
  • What is on your ‘must have’ list when it comes to insurance, so you have peace of mind when on the road?
  • Will you be mainly touring on and/or off road?

When looking at policies, make sure you read the fine print when it comes to:

  • what the inclusions are, and more importantly, what the EXCLUSIONS are;
  • what items are covered, or not covered, in the contents aspect of the policy; and
  • the wording of the insurance company’s Product Disclosure Document/policy.

And don’t forget to see if they offer a ‘multi-policy’ arrangement that you may be able to adopt.

Australian or Foreign Insurance Companies

Another important consideration is whether your insurer is an Australian or foreign company. Many companies in Asia and Europe offer great introductory rates which can be extremely attractive to Aussie caravanners.

But, if a foreign insurer has no branch in Australia, you may have to go through a frustrating and rigorous process before you can make a claim against your policy. Because of this, we have researched Australia’s caravan insurance companies, and made a shortlist of our top 3 companies, and asked them why their policies stand out from the crowd. Here is what they had to say:

CIL and the Suncorp Network

CIL was formed in 1962, and is Australia’s leading caravan and RV insurance specialist, providing a level of focus and expertise well beyond that of other insurers.

CIL offers caravan and RV owners important advice about how to get the most out of your travelling experience, including safety tips, reviews on popular destinations and much more!

Also, because we are part of the Suncorp Network, you can enjoy access to other benefits from other brands in the Suncorp Network including information on financial services to help you get the most from your money, visibility of your policies and a convenient online claims service, just to mention a few.

It’s just a few of the ways we’re making being with CIL even more appealing

CIL can provide cover for your caravan anywhere in Australia against:

  • Storm, hail and flood
  • Accidental and malicious damage
  • Theft and attempted theft
  • Fire and explosion
  • Electrical motor burnout

At no extra cost, you are also covered for:

  • A new replacement caravan if it is a total loss within 2 years of registration of the caravan.
  • Alternative accommodation expenses up to $150 a day if your caravan is not fit to live in following an accident or a loss.
  • Automatic contents cover of up to $1,000.
  • Authorised emergency repairs if your caravan cannot be towed after an accident.
  • A 10% discount if you have an AL-KO Electronic Stability Control device fitted to your caravan.
  • Reasonable costs to collect and deliver your caravan back to you following accident repairs, if the repairer is more than 100kms from your home.
  • Removal and storage of your caravan after an accident if it cannot be towed.
  • $20 million caravan legal liability and $20 million personal liability. CIL can also insure caravans permanently on-site.
  • Choice of a higher excess to reduce your premium.

Find out more here: www.cilinsurance.com.au

Carlight has a long-standing relationship with CIL Insurance as our preferred Insurance Provide. To ensure that getting insurance for your caravan is a quick and painless experience, quote the reference number 048387176 when you speak with CIL Insurance.

NMI Insurance

What we insure:

  • Caravans, Camper Trailers, Pop Tops and Cabins
  • Horse Floats and Trailers
  • Production built up to 30 years of age
  • Up to $150,000 Agreed Value (Higher Sum Insured referred)
  • Permanent On-site Caravans and Cabins at commercial caravan parks
  • RVs scheduled in early 2019.

The starred (*) points below define the difference between us and our competitor.

Standard policy

  • Range of insured events, including floods
  • Market and agreed value options available
  • * Replacement caravan if total loss in first two years of purchase new or as demonstrator
  • Automatic contents cover – $2,000
  • Standard additional benefits, incl flyover cover – $2,000
  • * Optional lay up cover

Prestige Policy with additional options (premium applies)

  • Range of insured events, incl flood
  • Market and agreed value options available
  • * Replacement caravan if total loss in first three years of purchase new or as demonstrator
  • * Automatic contents cover – $5,000
  • Standard additional benefits, incl flyover cover – $2,000
  • * Emergency pet cover – $1,000 – No excess
  • Repatriation and funeral costs cover – $2,000
  • Mobile phone theft cover (from locked caravan) – $500
  • * Off Road Excess Waiver
  • * Optional lay up cover
  • * Tyre and Rim cover Excess waiver
  • Loan Balance Assistance

General inclusions

  • Agreed Value available
  • Automatic contents cover
  • Cover for accident, fire, flood, hail, malicious damage, storm, theft or attempted theft
  • * Lay-up option available – premium discounts when the caravan is not in use
  • Cover for emergency repairs up to $1,000.
  • * Lifetime guarantee on repairs
  • Machine and appliance motor burn out cover
  • $20 million legal liability cover
  • Damaged Food
  • Tools and Spare Parts – $250
  • Temporary accommodation Costs
  • * New for Old – Standard 2 years and Prestige 3 years
  • Dedicated Let’s Go Caravan Insurance claims team – 1300 number
  • 24/7 emergency assistance
  • National network of caravan assessors
  • Provide caravan insurance premiums that are reflective of the coverage and competitive in the market place

Find out more here: www.nminsurance.com.au

caRVan RV Insurance

caRVan RV Insurance provides unique, online insurance solutions for Recreational Vehicle owners. Our core objective is to offer our Recreational Vehicle customers with a premium level of cover and benefits including a fast, personalised RV insurance claims experience with repairs completed by repairers who have experience repairing Recreational Vehicles.

The insurer – caRVan RV Insurance Company is The Hollard Insurance Company Pty Ltd, who has a proud history in Australia of insurance innovation, having well-priced products to meet customer needs, who partner with experts in their niche markets and really care about their business and their customers.

The Caravan Recreational Vehicle Policy Provides Many Additional Benefits *

  • Emergency Repatriation for all of your travelling party
  • Replacement cover if vehicle total loss within first 24 months
  • Emergency accommodation
  • Automatic contents cover up to $2,000
  • Optional cover for Portable Accessories in the open air
  • Excess free windscreen cover
  • Hire of vehicle following theft
  • Hire of vehicle following accident
  • Locks and keys replacement
  • Emergency repairs
  • Trailer cover
  • Towing costs
  • Removal of debris
  • Fusion cover
  • Food spoilage cover
  • Optional Annexe cover
  • Personal watercraft cover
  • Emergency vehicle transport

We recommend that you compare our policy and wide range of policy benefits to your current insurer when obtaining a quote online.

Find out more here: https://www.carvaninsurance.com.au


*Important: The above benefits are subject to some conditions and limits may apply. The insurers reserve the right to make changes to their policies. You should consider the PDS before deciding to buy or renew any insurance.

Our Conclusion

Peace of mind and having the right caravan insurance for YOUR NEEDS can make all the difference in the world on your caravanning adventure. Take your time and do your research, and remember, we are always here to help you so don’t hesitate to give our team a call if you would like to speak to us about insuring your caravan.

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