The “Cocoon’s” Trip to Broken Hill

Bob and Hellen English have been on an adventure in their Sunseeker, which they have named their “Cocoon”.

The left their home in Newcastle, and ventured out west on an adventure that took them out to Broken Hill and various other outback destinations.

We hope you enjoy their story, and their tip for dealing with the dusty outback roads of Australia:



For the most part we were on sealed roads, but sometimes the surface left a lot to be desired, and the van coped very well. Things got interesting when we left the sealed roads, but still we had no real issues, as we drove to the conditions. It was very dry, and subsequently very dusty, and this was a problem at our first stop on the gravel road, Mutawintju National Park. I am sure we had a bucket of red dust throughout the van, and I believe this came about simply because the van is so well ventilated!



However, we countered this by simply taping a piece of cloth over the vent in the door, and another to the vents serving the fridge area. Plus, we also taped up the smaller internal vents and following this, we had no further dust issues. This information might be of value to any buyer considering venturing onto gravel roads. Note, the roads we travelled were formed gravel roads, and not 4WD type tracks. With this in mind, we are currently looking at other destinations.



Since purchasing our van in May last year, we have completed several trips, and we continue to be very happy with our little “Cocoon”.

Thanks for sharing your adventure and tips with us Bob and Hellen. We look forward to hearing about your next journey with your Cocoon!

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