What are the advantages of an override or inertia braking system on a caravan compared to a caravan with electric brakes?

The override or inertia braking system is a type of braking system that is commonly used in caravans and trailers. The system uses the inertia of the vehicle to activate the brakes when the towing vehicle brakes are applied. The system is easy to install and maintain and it does not require any adjustment or … Read more

Why to choose a ‘fibreglass’ manufactured caravan over a conventional caravan

Fiberglass caravan construction involves using glass reinforced plastic (GRP) to create the body of the caravan. This material is made by combining a resin, usually polyester or vinylester, with fibers, usually glass, to create a strong and lightweight material. The fibers are woven into a fabric, which is then coated with the resin and cured … Read more

Where is the best place to have a caravan holiday in Australia

There are many great places to have a caravan holiday in Australia, as the country offers a diverse range of landscapes and experiences. Some popular destinations include:   The Fraser Coast in Queensland: This is a must-see destination for any caravan holiday in Australia. The Great Barrier Reef is the world’s largest coral reef system … Read more