Pre-Travel Safety Checklist

You’ve become familiar with your Euro Caravan / Camper. You know where everything is, you’ve kept your caravan well maintained, and you’re ready to pack for your on-road adventure. Here is a pre-safety checklist to use as a guide of the key items you need to take care of before hitting the road.

Towing vehicle

  • Make sure your vehicle is roadworthy. If you haven’t had your vehicle serviced lately, getting a service done before a big trip is advisable. The last thing you need is to breakdown in outback Australia.
  • Check your vehicle is suitable to tow the caravan. Make sure you know your towing limits & check your ball weight with the Proseries Ball Weight Scales.
  • Ensure your tyres are inflated to the correct level, including your spare tyre. Check what the recommended tyre pressure is for your vehicle when towing.

Outside the caravan

Check that:

  • The coupling is secured to your tow vehicle.
  • The safety chains are in good condition and properly secured to both drawbar and tow vehicle.
  • Brake Away cables (if fitted) are connected from your van to the designated anchor point on your tow vehicle.
  • The handbrake engages and releases cleanly (and remains released before you set off).
  • The towbar wiring insulation is in good shape and that the plug and socket are free from dirt before connecting.
  • Any additional power supply plugs between the tow vehicle and your van are clean and connected.
  • The lights work (brakes, indicators, reverse, parking lights, side lights, and number plate). You’ll need a second person to help with this.
  • The tyres on your caravan are in good condition and pumped to correct pressure.
  • All wheel nuts present and tightened.
  • The battery is in good condition and charging.
  • The brakes engage and release (run it around the block before leaving).
  • Your jockey wheel is there, either raised and secured or stowed away.
  • Your spare tyre is there and pumped up.
  • Your caravan’s corner stabilisers work and are fully raised.
  • The water tank is full.
  • The gas bottles are full, turned off and secured.
  • Any other tools, accessories, awnings and aerials are secured.
  • The 240V mains is disconnected.

Inside the caravan

Check that:

  • Secure everything that can break, cause damage or make a mess.
  • The fire extinguisher is present, in good condition and has not expired.
  • The fridge door is securely closed.
  • Cupboards, drawers and doors are closed and secured.
  • The items stored inside your caravan does not exceed the maximum recommended weight.
  • Any open windows are closed in case you hit rain or dust.
  • Both 240V and 12V electrics work.
  • The gas and electrics are turned off.
  • Interior lights work.
  • You have spare light bulbs and tubes.
  • Water pumps and drains are clear and flow freely.
  • The toilet operates.
  • The toilet cassette is emptied.
  • You have toilet chemicals.
  • Make sure you pack a toolbox with tools for the car and caravan. Also include:

– Jack

– Wheel brace

– Wheel chocks

– Tyre blocks

– Jack plate

Safety first We know that there’s a lot to think of before hitting the open road, so use our caravan safety checklist to ensure that you and everyone else with you stays safe and happy.