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On the road with our Euro Sunseeker


Ron and Marilyn Deas are on our tour in Australia, driving from New South Wales, into South Australia and up into the beautiful Northern Territory. They are enjoying life on the road with their Sunseeker, the “Ladybug”, and have shared some of their trip with us.

We hope you enjoy reading some excerpts from their amazing journey, and hopefully it might inspire you with some places to stop when you are on the road.


After leaving Broken Hill and crossing into South Australia, we free-camped at various places, stopping for supplies when necessary, through Port Augusta and then due-north on to the Stuart Highway. That felt like we were getting into the desert country, drier and warmer, but so pretty.


Marilyn, enjoying the last of the sun, beside the Ladybug


The trip northwards continued well, some of the rest areas we chose were okay, nothing special but our comfort was hooked on behind and there are lots of people out there travelling like this.  We called into Coober Pedy for water, fuel and groceries (fresh fruit was scarce but some nice freshly baked bread was snapped up when we found that.



After we had run ourselves ragged around Uluru and Kata Juta, we came back to this same spot for a couple of day’s break


We crossed into the Northern Territory and our target was a rest area on the way in to Uluru that I knew well, Kernot Range.


At our rest break back at Kernot Range – The Willie Wagtail seems to be saying “Come on … time to go!)


After we left Uluru we headed straight to Alice Springs. We had 8 days straight at the Macdonnell Range Caravan Park (which included 3 days for me to get over a tummy bug, which I think was a “free extra” from the park!).  On my feet again, we headed for Ormiston Gorge in the West MacDonnells, which was a target destination for me, and spent 10 days camped there, painting just about every day.


In the camp – complete with tarp on the red sand floor!


I must add the interest in the van along the way has been enormous. Comments range from “What a cute little van” with an incredulous “What!” When we say it has a shower/toilet in it, to wanting to have a look inside. We love it, and have been changing the configuration around with the beds, plus some finessing with the fit-out.


Thank you for sharing your adventure with us Ron and Marilyn! Safe travels and we look forward to hearing from you again.


If you have a great story, tips for the road or holiday ideas to share with the Euro Caravans community, please email them through to marketing@carlight.com.au. Note: Euro Caravans are designed for sealed roads and should be used in accordance with the Warranty Statement.


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