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With regards to service and maintenance for the caravans, do they require a licensed Carpento Caravans technician to work on them? We have our own workshop and authorised repairers in Sydney where we would be happy to accommodate you or we may be able to recommend a service centre to owners in regional areas or other States. Otherwise, Euro Caravans can be serviced by any reputable caravan service centre. Servicing is standardised across all caravan companies in Australia, and usually similar terms apply. You can see our warranty terms and conditions here.

How do I go about ordering or getting a quote for spare parts? Parts can be ordered through our Customer Service Team. Otherwise you may be able to find the parts in our Parts Store: https://parts.carlight.com.au/

Where is the bed in this caravan?  You can see the location of the bed by looking at the layout on each of the individual model pages on our site or by requesting our latest Brochure. There are different configurations available in our caravans.

Is the caravan European? Yes, the caravan is European. Carpento Caravans are sold predominately in Turkey. Our caravans satisfy all Australian standards.

Is the caravan a standard height off the ground? The height off the ground varies between the models but is sufficient for all sealed roads.

Are air-conditioning, toilet/shower, solar and single beds possible on caravans? The air conditioning, toilet/shower, solar and single beds are all possible options on our caravans. You can view these options on our Optional Extras page.

Can your caravan fit two (2) people? All our caravans have space for a minimum of two people.

Are they lightweight and easy to tow? Yes, Carpento Caravans have a base weight from just 560 kgs (model dependent) and can be towed by almost every car on the road. The lightweight materials and compact design make this caravan ideal for even the longest journeys. 

Are sway bars needed for the Carpento Caravans? No, the Carpento Caravans are fitted with the new AL-KO anti-jerk towbars, which have their own mechanisims for reducing sway. To prevent sway occuring the caravan must be loaded correctly, this involves packing the heavier items towards towards the floor and towards the front of the caravan. The towball downforce should be approximately 10% of the overall weight of the caravan.

Does the Carpento Caravans AL-KO coupling require some kind of unique tow ball? No, the Euro Caravans coupling systems are not the style that require the anti-rotation tow ball and locking plate.

What is the best way to power my caravan and charge my battery when 240v is not available i.e. free camping?  Utilise a solar power unit, such as a Solar Blanket. You can view the Solar Folding Blanket we recommend or you can contact Carpento Caravans if you are considering using an alternative solar product.

What could have caused the battery in my caravan to discharge? The fridge, lights, water pump or other 12v appliances may have been left on in the caravan. Alternatively there could be no power/charge getting to the battery. Check the relevant power connections and ensure the on-board power unit (transformer) is plugged into the power point and switched on. You can also check that the fuse on the battery positive lead is not blown.

What does the power unit in my caravan do? It converts 240v (mains) power to 12v which is required to operate the interior lights, pump/s and fridge (on 12v). The unit also provides a set charge to the battery when the van is connected to 240v power. Note: The Power Supply Unit (PSU) requires adequate ventilation to operate efficiently. DO NOT pack luggage or other bulky items around the PSU or block-off nearby air vents or gaps in interior panels.

Is there space for a small microwave? There is space for a small microwave to be placed on the bench top or possibly in one of the cupboards.

Are you able to install solar panels, an Anderson plug and extra battery?  Yes, solar panels can be installed. We recommend the 125w Folding Solar Blanket. The Anderson plug comes included with this product. Our Service Team can assist you with an extra battery or larger battery should you require this option. The standard battery is a leisure battery 100AH.

Is there a TV and an antenna fitted or available? We have a TV and antenna option (the TV which comes with a DVD player, wall mounted TV bracket and a removable antenna). You can view this on our Optional Extras page. Please contact us for a competitive quote on any of these options.

Can you tell me if it is a 7-pin or 12-pin plug?  All our caravans come fitted with a 12-pin plug. We also include the 12-pin to 7-pin adapter. Please note that the 12-pin plug should not be used on your caravan unless you have consulted with your 12 volt auto-electrician.

What is the tow ball weight of your caravans?  Our caravans have a tow ball weight starting from only 40kgs (loading dependent). Please refer to the Brochure for actual weights, as they differ from model to model.

What does the bathroom package include? The ‘bathroom package’ option includes a folding sink with faucet, a fresh water tank with electric pump, a Thetford cassette toilet, a makeup mirror, shower tray, bathroom window and a Truma 5 litre hot water system.

Can the caravan be towed at freeway speeds? Yes, the caravans can be driven up to 100km/hr. This is on the provision that they are correctly loaded with even weight distribution and the tyres are inflated to the recommended pressure (40-42 PSI or 276-290 Kpa). Note: Please note that it is important to allow for the driving conditions, ensuring that you ‘reduce speed’ when driving on rough sealed roads, in high wind areas or cross winds; also in wet conditions.

What additional weight does the bathroom package option add to the caravan? Approximately 65kgs.

Does a Carpento Caravan come with a warranty?  Yes, all our caravans come with a 12 Month Warranty. You can view more information on our warranties here.

Where are your dealerships located?  We are currently located in NSW. You can view our dealership location here. We also regularly exhibit at Trade Shows around Australia. You can view our Trade Show Schedule here.

Are these vans converted to left hand drive regarding the entry doors? Yes, they are. All caravans have entry doors on the left hand side.

I live interstate. How would I get my caravan delivered?  We can arrange interstate delivery with one of our long-term and trusted shipping companies. Otherwise we can arrange an Unregistered Vehicle Permit for you to collect the caravan from our premises and tow it back to your home location.

Do we offer finance? Yes, we do. You can read more about our Finance options here.

Is there a caravan cover that you know of that fits this van and where can I get it? Yes we have caravan covers available. You can see them on our Optional Extras page.

Do you do trade-ins? Our business doesn’t cater for trade-ins at the moment.

Is there anything one should know about a European caravan in our Australian conditions? The Australian national vehicle safety standards have in fact been adopted to harmonise with the international regulations of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE). So many of the Australian standards are met, and met with higher scrutiny, because they are manufactured and homologated in Europe. Australian weather conditions do not see the extremes in weather that are present in Europe, so they are often better insulated. European caravans are typical of touring caravans and are not designed to be taken on 4WD only roads.

Will there be a problem with the electrics in the caravan due to it being manufactured in Europe rather than Australia? The electrics are designed to meet Australian standards. Any electrical modifications or work done to the caravan should only be completed by a licenced electrician.

What kind of brakes are on the Carpento Caravans? Will I need electric brakes fitted to my car?  Our caravans are fitted with an override / inertia braking system, which means any car fitted with a standard 50mm tow bar will be able to pick it up and tow it. Because the Euro Caravans are under 2,000kgs, they do not require electrics brakes to be fitted to your car under Australian law.

How do the brakes on my caravan work? The brakes are called Override Brakes. This means that when your cars brakes are applied (going down hills, slowing for corners, etc.) the caravan’s inertia force pushes on a sliding mechanism that is built into the tow coupling. The braking force is transferred to the wheels via a brake rod that in-turn activates 2 x brake cables that are connected directly to the braking mechanism on each wheel.

How much water does the Caravan Caravans carry? The water carrying capacity is generally 50 litres, but slightly differs depending on the model / configuration. Please contact your sales agent for the latest model specifications as these can change from time-to-time.

How much water does the hot water tank hold and how long will it take to heat-up? The Thetford hot water tank holds 5 litres of water and takes approximately 50 minutes to heat. The thermal cut out is at 65 degrees celsius.

What is the light that comes on near the toilet lever? This is the ‘Waste Tank full’ indicator light. The light comes on to indicate that the waste tank is full. The manufacturer advises that this is the latest time to empty the waste tank and recommends that it be done earlier, where possible.

What is the recommended tyre pressure for my caravan? 40-42 PSI or 276-290 Kpa.

Is it okay to carry luggage or other items in my caravan? Yes, but do not exceed the maximum loaded weight (known as ATM or GTM). Ensure any additional load added to your van is evenly arranged and items are packed to restrict movement while travelling (and restrained where possible). Place heavy objects over the axle/wheels and empty the water tanks to reduce weight.

I can’t hear my fridge running, is this normal? Depending on the fridge in your model it may work on an absorption or a compressor principle, which may involve the circulation of various liquids. It is recommended that you read the instruction manuals that are provided with the appliances in the caravan.