Experience the Carpento Caravan Lifestyle: 10 Incredible Benefits

Welcome to Carpento Caravans, where your dream of unforgettable adventures begins.

Today, we’re excited to share with you the incredible benefits of owning a Carpento Caravan, setting it apart from the competition.

Benefit 1: Lightweight

Our caravans are designed to be lightweight, making them easy to handle, tow, and maneuver. Not only does this translate to cheaper registration fees, but it also means less fuel consumption, saving you money on your travels.

Benefit 2: Fibreglass Construction

Carpento Caravans are built with full fibreglass construction, offering unparalleled advantages. Our fibreglass exteriors are hail-proof, ensuring minimal damage during severe weather. This also leads to cheaper insurance premiums, with up to 10% off from leading insurers like CIL and NRMA. Bid farewell to leaks and unpleasant odors, as our single-piece mould eliminates corner separation over time.

Benefit 3: Marine Plywood Cabinetry

Inside our caravans, you’ll find top-quality marine plywood cabinetry. Unlike chipboard or MDF, marine plywood is lighter, thinner, and built to last. It resists swelling when wet and won’t fall apart when you need to screw items into it, giving you peace of mind and extended durability.

Benefit 4: European Excellence

At Carpento, we pride ourselves on our European heritage. Our caravans embody the renowned European standards for safety, incorporating extra lighting and fireproof internal materials. With over 50% of cars on Australian roads being European, Australians understand and appreciate the superior quality we offer.

Benefit 5: Ideal for Free Camping

Our caravans are perfect for free camping adventures. Equipped with a 12V 100Ah AGM deep cycle battery, energy-efficient LED lights, water-saving shower heads, USB points, and new model compressor fridges, you’ll enjoy off-grid comfort without compromising on convenience.

Benefit 6: Ample Floor and Storage Space

Carpento Caravans offer spacious interiors with more floor and storage space. Move freely inside your caravan, as two people can comfortably pass each other. The full head height eliminates awkward spaces, while our clever storage solutions, including a hanging closet, provide ample room for all your essentials.

Benefit 7: Full Body Caravan

Say goodbye to complicated setups. Our caravans are full body, meaning no pop-tops or lift-ups, and certainly no canvas. Just open the door, and you’re ready to hit the road. By eliminating moving parts and hinges, our caravans minimise wear and tear, ensuring longevity and reducing maintenance costs.

Benefit 8: Branded Appliances and Running Gear

Carpento Caravans boast branded appliances and running gear, setting us apart from the rest. With trusted names like Dometic, Truma, and AL-KO, you’ll have access to a nationwide network for service and spare parts. Our caravans are built to offer unmatched reliability and peace of mind.

Benefit 9: Hot Dipped Galvanised Chassis

Australia’s unique environment demands extra protection. That’s why our caravans feature hot-dipped galvanised chassis, including stabilizer legs and axles. This ensures maximum resistance to rust and corrosion, even in coastal areas, allowing you to explore with confidence.

Benefit 10: Better Towing Experience

Carpento Caravans are engineered for better towing experiences. With shorter drawbars for improved stability, AL-KO anti-jerk coupling systems for reduced stress on your vehicle and transmission, and independent rubber torsion suspension with shock absorbers, you’ll enjoy a smoother, safer journey.

The Difference

Experience the Carpento difference and embark on unforgettable journeys with a caravan that exceeds your expectations. With a wide range of benefits designed to enhance your travels, Carpento Caravans are your gateway to extraordinary adventures.

Don’t miss out! Visit our website or contact us now to find out how we can assist you in making your caravan dreams a reality.